A visit to my mother's home art studio in Texas prompts a deeper exploration into the meaning of home across generations and landscapes. 


Filmed in English, Arabic and Turkman (Iraqi)  in Lubbock, Texas. HD, 90 min, 2018.


Watch on USHUB TV (globally) or through Amazon Prime Video (north america only)


WINNER, Independent Spirit Awards TRUER THAN FICTION Award, Jan 2020

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE, Austin Asian American Film Festival, May 2019

SPECIAL JURY AWARD, San Diego Asian Film Festival, Nov 2019

SPECIAL JURY AWARD, LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, May 2019
SPECIAL JURY MENTION, New Orleans Film Festival, Oct. 2018



Written, Directed & Filmed by Nadia Shihab

Edited by Avril Jacobson

Produced by Talal Al-Muhanna & Nadia Shihab

Assoc. Produced by Sara Dosa & Lara Sarkissian

Original Music by Mark David Ashworth, Nadia Shihab & Martin Crane

Color/Online by Robert Arnold

Sound Mix by Dan Olmsted

Additional Editing by Angad Singh Bhalla (TV cut-down)

Filmed in Lubbock, Texas in English, Turkish (Iraqi Turkman) and Arabic.


Sundance Documentary Fund, Center for Asian American Media, Firelight Media, Tribeca Film Institute, World Channel/America Reframed, IFP Doc Lab, Center for Cultural Innovation, ENJAAZ, Formby Fellowship, MacDowell Colony, Djerassi Residency



"Intimate, experimental, and beautifully playful." - Documentary Award Jury, Austin Asian American Film Festival


"Jaddoland is a breath of fresh air: a film not tied down by convention or structure, it playfully and thoughtfully plumbs issues of identity, art, and belonging."

    - Clint Bowie, Artistic Director, New Orleans Film Festival

“As Nadia watches, a picture emerges of what an uncareful observer might call assimilation: an outward adjustment obscuring depths of diasporic longing, the doubling and tripling of identities always grounded by that shifting but insistent anchor, the question of home.”

    - Jon Kieran, Senior Programmer, New Orleans Film Festival


“Shihab’s palpable love for her mother courses through her film and “Jaddoland” functions both as a tribute to her work and life as well as a sincere interrogation of the idea of “home,” how the concept morphs and evolves depending on one’s own comfort with their journey.”

    - Vikram Murthi, rogerebert.com 


“[Shihab's] contemplation of the meaning of home unfolds also as a deeply moving meditation on the impact of time.

    - Lisa Elin, Houston Film Critics Society

"Lying somewhere between experimental and home movie, filmmaker Nadia Shihab’s debut documentary JADDOLAND is a film as much about the shiftiness of place and personhood, as it is about Shihab’s curiosity as she gets reacquainted with a mother who evolves away from her in surprising ways."

   - Christina Ree, San Diego Asian Film Festival


"Jaddoland’s expansive aesthetics creates new spaces for diverse audience reflections about how identity and culture are not only inherited but re-created and co-created across geography and time." 

- Natalie Nesvaderani and Miasarah Lai, Visual Anthropology Review



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