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I took a break from performance to direct my feature film Jaddoland. The music was scored largely by me and my partner Mark Ashworth, who is also a musician/producer and performs under the electronic project Delicates.  That same year we had a child together.

 I found it hard to sustain a music practice as a new mom. I spent a lot of time at our out-of-tune piano while my daughter played or screamed, or crunched her cereal at the kitchen table. Instead, I started making recordings with a handheld recorder, or revisiting field recordings I had made over the years with family across different geographies. By 2020, I was sampling these sounds in a series of live improvised sound collages. 

I thought of these works as a kind of holding, and weaving  - an attempt to gather and reassemble the disparate and fragmented into new relationships of resonance.  


The video counterpart to this work emerged as my short experimental film Echolocation, which premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival in Dec 2021. 


Links, recordings & videos forthcoming.

My projects in sound have spanned solo performance, collaborations, and film scores. Across these projects, I center improvisation and feeling as a mode of composition and performance.  

I played violin as a teenager, then spent the 2000’s playing in rock, noise and experimental groups in Istanbul, San Diego and Oakland. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, I shifted my practice towards solo work in a project I called Automatic Drawing —  improvisation-based performances using mostly violin and hardware electronics with sampling, looping and delay techniques. From 2010-2015, I performed twice a year in the San Francisco Bay Area under my name.




Performance using personal field recordings, inherited objects, hardware electronics and processes of improvisation.


Field recordings included: cicadas from my mom’s garden in Texas, the rain on my windshield in west Oakland, my baby squealing in the bath, my brother playing the darbuka, and my aunt translating a song at a family picnic.

(Berkeley, Jan 2020)

Social Dreaming in the 21st Century

Solo performance at the DeYoung Museum, as part of a larger program on dreams and dreaming. Curated by artists Natalie Zimmerman and Michael Wilson of Social Satisfaction. (San Francisco, 2013)

Olam Haba

Site specific performance in collaboration with sculptor and visual artist Derek Weisberg at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco. (excerpt)